Hazure Skill "Kage ga Usui" o Motsu Guild Shokuin ga, Jitsuha Densetsu no Ansatsusha / Hazure Skill "Kage ga Usui" wo Motsu Guild Shokuin ga, Jitsu wa Densetsu no Ansatsusha / Hazure Skill: The Guild Member with a Worthless Skill Is Actually a Legendary Assassin / 外れスキル「影が薄い」を持つギルド職員が、実は伝説の暗殺者 / 拥有开挂技能「薄影」的公会职员原来是传说级别的暗杀者
Rank: 10959th, it has 368 monthly / 22.8K total views.
Authors: Kennoji
Artists: Araki fuu
Genres: Manga , Seinen(M) , Action , Adaptation , Adventure , Comedy , Demons , Drama , Fantasy , Harem , Monsters , Office Workers , Romance
Original language: Japanese
Translated language: English
Read direction: Right to Left
Original work: Ongoing
Upload status: Ongoing
Year of Release: 2019
Roland is an assassin who, one day, breaks from his team and single-handedly “kills” the demon king. After returning to the kingdom, the king graciously promises Roland whatever he wants for his heroics. Conflicted in his desires - he hasn’t thought of anything outside of killing for years - he remembers that one of his teammates told him what she plans to do after evil is defeated: "Live an ordinary life." And so Roland, with his ability to become unnoticeable and the disguised demon king/queen Laila at his side, decides to live a slow life. [Source: MU]
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Chapter 2
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