Contains Adult , Mature , Smut genres, is considered NSFW.
그리드 게임
Rank: 1699th, it has 2.7K monthly / 2.5K total views.
Artists: Shining cat
Genres: Webtoon , Seinen(M) , Adult , Mature , Smut , Violence , Crime , Drama , Fetish , Full Color , Game , Harem , Survival , Thriller
Original language: Korean
Translated language: English
Read direction: Top to Bottom
Original work: Ongoing
Upload status: Ongoing
Year of Release: 2023
"You will win this round if the male contestant cums." 'IN-HO' gets invited to a dirty death game through a suspicious woman, TAERI. Putting his life on the line as a wager, he enters the game with an enormous prize at stake. The do-or-die game begins!
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From the same artist of ZZIN Season 1 And much like ZZIN Warning: This survival game pornhwa contains scenes of explicit violence, sex, drug usage, and an overall dark nature. Some readers will find these disturbing and those who want to read will need to tread carefully.

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Chapter 0 : Prologue
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