The Succulent's Kiss Is Too Sweet to Resist / Kyuumitsu-ki no Kiss ga Amasugite Komattemasu! / 吸蜜鬼のキスが甘すぎて困ってます!
Rank: 35836th, it has 40 monthly / 107 total views.
Artists: Fujishiro kasumi
Genres: Manga , Josei(W) , Romance
Original language: Japanese
Translated language: Japanese
Original work: Ongoing
Upload status: Ongoing
Year of Release: 2023
Shuu is a girl going to university who's very popular with other girls due to her boyish manners and slender, handsome appearance. One day, she helps a beautiful looking man who got caught up in a fight... and then out of nowhere is told "You're the most beautiful woman I've ever seen." Suddenly he kisses her! While she would normally hate this, the kiss feels too good. She can't resist. Would you believe, this man is a mythical being that seduces humans and feeds on their life-force, their vim. He's a Succulent! His name is Shitou, and after being saved by Shuu he can't help but keep chasing after her. At first, Shuu sees Shitou as an annoyance, but slowly begins to accept the woozy hot kisses from the first man to treat her like a woman. The start of a love story that begins with a handsome, boyish college girl and a mesmerising demon! すらっとした長身と男前すぎる行動で、女性にモテる女子大学生・柊。ある日、道端で不良に絡まれていた美形の男性に助けると、「こんな美しい女は初めてだ」と彼に突然キスされる!嫌なはずなのにそのキスが気持ちよすぎて、力が抜けてしまい、抵抗できない柊。なんと、その男は人間を誘惑し、体液を食べて生きる妖怪・吸蜜鬼だった――! 彼の名は紫桃。助けた後、なぜか柊のことが気に入って追いかけてくる。最初は紫桃を邪見に思っていた柊だったが、とろけるようなキス・初めての女の子扱いに少しずつ気を許し始め…。
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