Contains Smut genres, is considered NSFW.
Rank: 23323rd, it has 109 monthly / 288 total views.
Artists: Kasai chiaki
Genres: Manga , Yaoi(BL) , Smut , Drama
Original language: Japanese
Translated language: Japanese
Original work: Completed
Upload status: Ongoing
Year of Release: 2021
Year of Complete: 2022
Completely shutting out the outside world with a mask!!! One day, Suzu, a gloomy university student with no friends and poor communication skills, loses his one-of-a-kind, precious mascot, “Kappa-chan.” While looking around desperately, the one who picked it up and called out to him was the refreshing and handsome partier, Sasamuro Aiji, with flashy girls in tow. Though he wanted to get it back quickly and flee the scene, Aiji deliberately teased him and wouldn’t give it back, making Suzu cry. He managed to get Kappa-chan back, but on top of being touched by the number one type of person he’s worst at dealing with, Kappa-chan was damaged, sending him into a depression. The next day, Aiji gets involved with him again by using him as an excuse to run away from his followers. With no concern for his feelings of dislike, Aiji demands his thanks for picking up Kappa-chan. But when he bluntly says to Aiji, “Because a cheery person like you is a land mine!” Aiji suddenly kisses him through his maskー!!!? The popular, refreshing, handsome guy [cheery] x Small animal type with no friends and poor communication skills [gloomy] The love between two polar opposites tied together by the mysterious, soft and cute “Kappa-chan.” マスクで外界を完全シャットアウト!!! 友達ゼロ+コミュ障な陰キャ大学生の涼は ある日世界で一つしかない大切なマスコット “かっぱちゃん”をなくしてしまった。 必死に探しているところに拾ったと声をかけてきたのは 派手な女子を引き連れたパリピ系爽やかイケメン・笹室藍士。 早く返してもらってこの場から去りたいのに 意地悪してわざと返してくれない藍士に泣き出してしまう涼。 なんとかかっぱちゃんを取り戻したものの 一番苦手なタイプの人間にかっぱちゃんを 触られてしまったうえに壊れてしまい落ち込んでいると 次の日もまたもや藍士が絡んできて 彼の取り巻きから逃げる口実にされてしまう。 嫌がる自分の気持ちもお構いなしなうえ、 かっぱちゃんを拾ったお礼とお返しを要求する藍士に 「キミみたいな陽キャ地雷だから!」と言い放つと いきなりマスク越しにキスされて――!!!? 人気者爽やかイケメン[陽キャ] × 友達ゼロの小動物系コミュ障[陰キャ] ふしぎなゆるかわマスコット“かっぱちゃん”が繋ぐ 正反対なふたりの恋
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