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I am a fan translator who is relatively new to scanlation, so I am constantly working on my skills! I am a huge BL fan, especially omegaverse, guideverse, and fantasy series.

My favorite BL currently is a novel called Turning, the manhwa just started, but the novel is 1000+ chaps and an absolute fantasy/omegaverse masterpiece.

If I am translating a series you like, it will likely be at a slow speed, unless I just get excited to release the chapters or to catch up with the raws. But, expect around 1 per week as long as I can handle it. I will stick to schedules as best I can, but I am a one-woman-does-all team here so if it's a little late it's probably because of life, you know...

Current titles and schedule (ongoing):

Be, Be: Weekly, Thursdays/Fridays(Currently catching up to Chapter 38 season finale, this is still on Hiatus) Omegaverse, royalty, drama!

Morpheus: Bi-Weekly, Friday/Saturdays(This series is at Chap23, on unplanned hiatus until August, but I'll still work to catch up to raws, hope it returns~)Omegaverse, crime, drama, imprisonment, smart Uke

Unfair Love Affair: Bi-Weekly Sunday/Mondays(Catching up to raws)Unrequited love, show biz, obsession
Dreek's Heat(short story): Weekly, Monday/Tues(Caught up to raws! Releases will be ASAP after raws release)SMUT, Fantasy, Part-Dragon, SMUT

Pray!: 10 day cycle, Wed/Thurs/Fri(Caught up to raws! Releases will be ASAP after raws release)Power Bottom and Puppy Dog Top, missing family

The Wrong Way To Date: Weekly, Wed/Thurs(Catching up to raws)Omegaverse with all kinds of buff guys, love triangle

Bones and Petals: Weekly, Mon/Tues(Releases Thursdays, up-to-date with raws)Vampires, confinement, drama

Vesper: Bi-Weekly, Mon/Tues(Catching up to raws)Fantasy, superpowers, memory loss, historical


-Gentle Forest

Have fun and read a ton :) Feel free to reach out if you would like to request a series or have comments/suggestions/questions for me.

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